Friday, February 13, 2015

June 2013: France Tour Part V

The last part of the June 2013: France Tour series! This one is all about Paris! ;)

Musee du Louvre

Cathedrale Notre Dame de Paris
I got this at breakfast. :D I'm a kid at heart, okay?

Académie Nationale de Musique (National Academy of Music)

I think this restaurant was housed in a building that was 500 years old. Also, REALLY delicious escargot! Garlic-y and buttery. <3 And finally another place with good baguette! This restaurant was the second, and last, time we got to eat good baguette. I also had creme brûlée here... And now I can't have creme brûlée anywhere else, but in France! France spoils you with her desserts. :(

On a cold, but relaxing river boat tour along the Seine River. Love the colors of all the lights. So enchanting.

It's practically impossible to see, but there were people walking or sitting down and talking along the embankment of the Seine River. I really like the French lifestyle. Taking a couple hours for every meal in order to enjoy the food and your company. Walking about with your friends and family at night, savoring life for what it is.

La tour Eiffel at night.

The light illumination of La tour Eiffel, which only happens at midnight. Needless to say, I left myself in France (and Japan, where I traveled before high school). <3

Thanks for looking! See you on the other side of the day!

Friday, February 6, 2015

June 2013: France Tour Part IV

Not too sure what was going on. I think it was a scheduled march of some sort, possibly to reenact what happened back in the past at this castle... Which I forgot the name of. :/

Lunch at the restaurant on the castle grounds. What happened was so cute and warm! This man was the tour guide of an Italian tour. It was their last day of the tour, and the tour guide sang two Italian songs. It was great fun. Such a warm and inviting atmosphere! A nice change from the quiet French. I took a video of this. Haha!

So, um, you probably expect this by now, but I forgot the name of this castle too... Maybe I should go back to France in order to refresh my memory? ;) Again, a hawk or eagle flew over this castle.

Another delightful town we passed by to get to our next destination, which I think was Mont Saint Michel??? No pictures from there because it's mostly about the experience there. It honestly looked like any other church to me...

My family and I, along with several others, opted to go for an optional night tour with our tour guide. The sunset and town  at night were beautiful.

Magnificent red flowers outside of an adorable hotel.

Unfortunately, places close very early in France. I really wanted to go inside this boutique. So many pretty light fixtures!
Saint Malo: After watching the sunset and ocean waves, we walked on and saw some girls having a party in the apartment overlooking the ocean. We talked to each other by shouting back and forth. I thought it was a nice experience, one I could only have in France. (Can you guys tell I loved France?)

Check back for Part V, which will be all about Paris!

Thanks for looking! See you on the other side!