Friday, April 17, 2015


The leaves rustled, revealing the sun's rays.
The birds sang, looking for each other.
The morning dew lingered, glistening on the blades of grass.
The flowers bloomed, signifying spring.

The rain showers left, leaving behind summer.
Seagulls soared, crying out for each other.
The waves idled on the seashore.
The sun slowly set, welcoming the night.

Leaves that turned red, orange, and yellow started falling.
Apples were harvested, leaving behind empty trees.
Mushrooms sprouted, clustering together.
The winds rushed by, carrying winter.

Barren trees lined up.
Lakes froze life.
Ice drops fell.
From the snow, rose
a small purple bud.

Now, it is spring again.
But the day is quiet.
The day is empty.
Time runs away.

The sun shines down.
The sky is a clear blue.
The clouds float on by.
Only I am still.

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