Friday, January 23, 2015

June 2013: France Tour Part II

Unfortunately, I'm not sure where this place is. The tour only stopped in this place for lunch and a break. The house is charming, no?

Amarillo ice cream in Toulouse: Toulouse was a cute college town. The night we arrived, there was a music festival. As you probably guessed, of course the college students were drinking, BUT no fights ensued! And the next day EVERYTHING was still clean and there weren't any broken windows! They're really responsible people. Over here, you can bet there'll be arrests, fights, and broken windows. :(

Another place I don't know the name of. We passed by this town on our way to our next destination. I love French towns. They look so quaint! I'd love to explore them more.

Gourdes: A town built from a mountain/cliff! There's a hawk or eagle flying above it. :)

Rocamadour: A town built onto a cliff/mountain. I think it's well-known for having this church and the resting place of a religious figure. I didn't really pay to the tour guide this day since I was more interested in taking pictures. There's another hawk or eagle flying over the monastery. (At least I think it's a monastery...)

On the way to the next destination. :)

Sarlat-la-Caneda: I think this town is known for pate and foie gras. I got one pate and foie gras from here and it was pretty good! Very expensive though. I swear this dog knew people were photographing him so he just kept posing. What a diva! :P

Check back for Part III!

Thanks for looking! See you on the other side of the day!

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