Monday, January 19, 2015

My Resolutions for 2015

- Do my best to try to be happy.

- Accept what I have (perhaps subconsciously) decided to pursue in life.

- Continue to surround myself with people who care about me (particularly about my health and happiness).

- Continue to not care about what people say, even if they are relatives.

- Beef up my resume!!! Volunteer hours and more extracurriculars!

- Don't be afraid to join my college's fencing club.

- Make more friends at this college. (It's still hard for me to adapt to this different set of people even after transferring a year ago.)

- Learn how to use a camera well in order to take good pictures.

- Keep writing good memories in my journal. Don't slack off!

- Learn French to become fluent (thank goodness that I'm taking French 1 at my college this semester!) and Japanese (during my free time).

- Try to minor in French (and delay graduation and work! Yeah!).

- Gain/repair my self-confidence.

- Practice driving... Whoops.

- Make sure to keep my end goal in mind at all times.

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